Why Hotties Date Fat Chicks Or Blokes

Date Fat Chicks Or Blokes

Why Hotties Date Fat Chicks Or Blokes

They say that big is beautiful, and that larger people have more fun. Well that is certainly true, judging by all the activity going on in the  online dating scene with niche sites rammed with people who described themselves as “Voluptuous”, ” Curvy”, “Cuddly”, “Slightly Overweight” or “Large” and are all looking to meet likeminded singles. But it is not just plus sizes joining. Slimline hotties can be found a plenty across the site. So, is this some sort of fat fetish or do they know something about dating the plus sized that the majority of skinnies don’t know about?

Likes To Eat (Doh!)

Ok, so if you are footing the restaurant bill on your date, chances are it’s going to leave a serious dent in your pocket; but let’s face it, it’s got to be more fun sitting opposite a foodie who appreciates the use of his or her taste buds (unless they are prone to wolfing down food  without hitting the sides). Just see it as your beau fuelling up for a long tussle between the sheets after several deserts, later that night.

Great Sex

There is that urban legend that fat guys and girls try harder’ simply because the toned and skinnies feel like they really do not have to try that hard. After all, they feel that they can move on and get whoever they want if the person humping on top of them does not work out. Whether it’s true or not, it seems to be a persistent rumour that begs being tried out? No?

Big Is Beautiful

Boys, if you have a breast or butt fetish – well, enough said! As for the girls, feel protected in the wide, wide chest of your man.

Less Likely To Be A Narcissist

A personality disorder characterised by a pattern of excessive emotionality and attention-seeking, including an excessive need for approval and inappropriate seductiveness.  They often overestimate their own attractiveness, and focus on displaying or flaunting physical attributes. If anything the person packing the pounds and is comfortable within their own skin is less likely to be seen preening themselves in anything that holds a reflection and will instead fix their attention on you. As it should be.