Who Does Not Like Flirting?


Who Does Not Like Flirting?

A d.etal Dating Host explains why flirting is the very core of her being.

One of the best things about running dating events is being able to accost some unsuspecting handsome/ hot/ buff member of the opposite sex. This week alone saw me hobnobbing with entrepreneurial types at a business networking event to media peeps at private members club Soho House for the Brazilian Film Festival After Party, courtesy of FilmJuice, one of the media partners for the event. In bewteen times, you would have also found me enthusiastically trawling social media groups, homing in on ripe pickings. Would I throw myself in the direction  of handsome/ hot/ buff men if it were not to enlighten them about the joys of coming to one of our events? Hell, yes… Who does not like a good old fashioned flirt with some delicious prey?

Who Does Not Like Flirting?

I flirt because I cannot help it. From men I find attractive to the Pizza Delivery guy (watch how quick your order arrives). I might zone in on the man who may not be society’s idea of beauty but there is ‘something’ about him; a salt-and-peppered hair coloured businessman for the confidence he oozes or some kind gentleman who throws coins in the direction of a busker. Hell, I’ve even flirted with women. I’m flirting with you right now… I flirt because I cannot help it.

But do not blame me for my beloved affliction, blame biology and culture. We humans are programmed to do it. I relish the gestures, spontaneity, anticipation… As a woman, faced with a desired conquest, my body involuntary succumbs. You know what I mean, leaning forward to the person you are talking to and tipping up your heels; the instinctive tilting of the head to extend a long sensuous neck; the sidelong glances coupled with a subtle smile and the slightly sustained gaze. I delight in the way that a man positions his body with an open, come-and-get-me stance. Oh, the excitement of nonverbal seduction.

That is not necessarily the case with some of the more shy guests at our dating events, for whom flirting alludes them. Take one lovely lad from last week’s sold out Pop Up Speeddating who quietly confessed to myself that he had his eye on a girl present. And what a girl…

All eyes were on the babelicious broad from Essex as she stalked through the door. Yes, if you are thinking of the stereotype – it was all there, a great rack (girls can appreciate a fine pair too), a waist the size of a egg cup and a never-ending pair of pins. The boys were gagging and we girls should have been throwing green-eyed evils at the dark-haired beauty, but with a brain and sweet disposition to boot, we ladies fell in love with her too.

It was hardly surprising when she confessed that men did not generally approach her. At a guess, most would probably feel too intimidated by her stunning good looks and deem it safer to keep away (Who want a wuss, anyway?). Judging by the amount of male guests (and the barman!) who each whispered in my ear about their own keen interest in her and, when asked, if had they made their feelings clear to her, they admitted that they had not, I felt her despair. If you cannot flirt or approach a woman (or man) at a dating event, then when will you ever do it?

Detecting a potential match between the aforementioned lovely lad and Essex babe, a swift ‘flirting’ brief was dispatched followed by a gentle shove in the right direction (the bar!).  The pair are now planning their first date. You see, flirting rules!

With the upcoming events, this week, to hand – the sizzling Pop Up Speed dating (32-44) I’m already eyeing up the guests (another fantastic part of the job, I get to see the goods beforehand). At the last look, the next event already includes at least three handsome/ hot/ buff men I accosted… (the rest has come organically). And yes, a few gorgeous babes I had made a beeline for at some other event. I must be doing something right.

Right, I’m off to do a bit of flirting… I mean, marketing.

A d.etal Dating Host