What Are Your Dating Regrets?

Dating Regrets

We all have committed mistakes in our dating lives. Some we have lived to regret. Here are our top 10 dating regrets and how to steer clear of them.

What Are Your Dating Regrets?

1. Lost Loves

Most people regret not settling down with their first love. They believe that there are plenty more fish out there so why settle down? That might be so but do they actually fit with your taste and personality? Some of these people may conclude that they will have to eventually settle for second best because they will always be thinking about that first love.

2. Playing Away

Often reasons for a person leaving his or her partner are due to infidelity. There will always be temptation but if you love the person you are with, then why be unfaithful?

3. Missed Opportunities

People always regret missing a dating opportunity when it was presented to them. People will always ask the ‘What if?’ question. Just imagine all the women who turned down Bill Gates now. The bottom line is to give the person a chance. It will not hurt to have a coffee for only 30 minutes. You might even find out that you click.

4. Staying In A Bad, Bad, Bad Relationship

People regret not ending a really bad relationship, earlier. There might have been a time during the bad relationship that there was someone better who would have wanted to be with you and you missed out. So if you think you are just not in the right situation have the courage to end it.

5. Leaving A Loved One

Stupid regrets here, people leave the person they love and often do not know why. If you love the person, why leave him or her?

6. Dating A Married Person

Dating a married person always guarantees disaster. This relationship will always be about deceit, lies and cheating. The unmarried party will also be led to expect something that could or might never happen; which is being in a serious relationship with the married person. It might also bother your conscience that you are destroying the life of the married couple – worse still if they have kids. This relationship will never ever work out and be fun. It will always be filled with doubt and then eventually, on your list of dating regrets.

7. Putting Your Career Before Love

Most young adults will put career ahead of their love life. This is not a bad thing but once you hit your 30s your body clock will eventually catch up with you. Also, most good catches will be fewer. Try to balance out your career and social life. Having a love life does not mean you need to get married and sacrifice your career. It might even inspire you to work harder.

8. Being A Badly Behaved Partner

People often regret that they could have been nicer to their partner. It will always haunt you whenever you treat your partner badly. Try to be courteous, kind, compromising, spontaneous and remember special dates, no matter how cheesy they are.

9. Dumping Someone Harshly

Do not be callous when dumping a person. It definitely hurts and karma has a way of catching up with you. And would you like someone to be unnecessarily mean to you, espcially if you really liked them?

10. Dating Someone For The Wrong Reasons

Some people date for superficial reasons such as the person of interest is physically attractive, for business reasons or contracts, sex or even just out of sympathy. You should only date potential matches. If you know that you are entering into a dating situation where things are unlikely to work out, do not waste your time on it. There could be other people out there who are more suitable for you whilst you are wasting your time on the wrong person.

So now that you know people’s top dating regrets, learn from their mistake and choose the right path.