What Women Should Know About Men! Sorry, Guys…

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What Women Should Know About Men

What Women Should Know About Men! Sorry, Guys…

Women always complain that they do not understand men but the truth is, it’s all very simple. Here’s 25 facts we picked up from quizzing men on what really goes on inside their brains when it comes to dating.

1.    Often thinks about the woman who likes him. But this does not mean that he likes her.
2.    Do not misbehave when they are courting.
3.    Prefer and admire girls with brains even if they are not very pretty, rather than uninteresting drop-dead gorgeous girls.
4.    Have no problem with a girl’s height but they often do when it comes to the issue of her weight
5.    If they really like a woman, will disregard all of her bad characteristics.
6.    Go crazy over a woman’s smile.
7.     Like femininity not weakness.
8.    Will do anything just to get a woman’s attention.
9.    Easily give up on the first sign of rejection. Don’t play hard to get!
10.    May instantly know if the girl likes him but can never be sure unless the girl tells him.
11.    Tease women that they like. Weird, but true.
12.    Hate it when women talk about ex-boyfriends.
13.    Hate women who flirt with other men in front of them to get his attention. It won’t work and will have the opposite desired effect.
14.    Can like a woman one minute, and then forget her, the next.
15.    Will state that they do not understand you, it simply translates to you are not agreeing with him.
16.    Will flirt around all day but before they go to sleep, they always think about the woman they truly care about.
17.    Who are serious about their relationship can also become too possessive.
18.    Can never dream and hope too much. Let them.
19.    Hears the words “try again tomorrow” when a girl says “no”.
20.    Hate girls who overreact. If not, he might be a drama queen himself!
21.    Want love and security too – and are just as worried about getting hurt.
22.     Don’t start a relationship with an end result in mind
23.    Learn from experience not dating blogs that girls read (even if they are reading this now!
24.    Look at women and are either amazed by her or he is critiquing.
25.    When their heart is captured, there’s no turning back.

One extra –
26. A Bad boy can never be changed. Again, a bad noy can never ever be changed. If he does not bring you flowers now, he never will. If he’s late for dates, he always will. If he forgets your name… you get the picture. Don’t try to change a man and be reduced to insanity as you attempt to do so…