Valentines Day Gifts

Valentines Day Gifts To Avoid

Valentines Day is the perfect time for singletons to let the object of their affections know how they feel about them. Make the right gesture and you are onto a winner but if you send the wrong message, you may find yourself on your lonesome. The choice of the gift should be such that it expresses how you feel so be careful what you choose. Avoid some of the common gift mistakes. Here are some:

Valentines Day Gifts To Avoid

1. Cards Instead Of A Gift

People mostly prefer to give Valentines Day Greeting Cards or E-cards. It is because they feel that writing down their feelings is the best mode to express it. Consequently the prices of Valentines Day cards is sky high. Cards definitely make a good Valentines Day gift but not as good as gifting, for example, a bouquet of beautiful flowers for a woman. For a card once read is of no further use. It then finds its place inside the drawer or in between the pages of a book. Whereas flowers that embellish and fill your room with fragrance are constantly in front of your beloved’s eyes.

2. Valentines Day Cheesy Mementoes

Gifting pricey mementos or souvenirs on Valentines Day is also not a wise choice. Firstly because of the expense you incur over nothing more that a useless item. Secondly the trouble you face trying to decide and the time that is wasted in wandering from one gift shop to another. And more often than not, they are an eyesore.

3. Self-help or Development Books

A lot of naive men and women will gift the likes of weight-reducing books to their beloveds. This is certainly not a judicious Valentines Day gift. Not only does it make the other person feel conscious of his or her looks, it also indicates that you would like to see changes in him or her.

4. Clothing

Gifting clothes is quite a popular Valentines Day gift. Since buying gifts on this special day are mostly undertaken clandestinely, there is a high chance that the clothes will not fit the person properly or worse still – they might not like the them.

5. Toys

Soft toys such as teddy bears are also useless gifts for Valentines Day. The craze for these costly things lasts only for a few days or even as little as 24 hours! Ultimately these bears are placed amongst their other companions in the attic or given to favourite nieces and nephews!

Photo Credit: Jenny Downing