Myths About Women

Top 5 Myths About Women And Dating

Top 5 Myths About Women And Dating

Myths About Women #1: Ladies Only Want Men With Money & Power

Of course women want that, who would not? But if he has a lack of personality, social skills and passion, then all the money in the world will not buy him love. The irony is that a great number of men are obsessed with making money, believing that it will attract the types of women they think they deserve. But ultimately, they invariably attract women that they cannot trust.

Myths About Women #2: You Need To be a player To Attract Women.

To attract women, you do not need any fancy techniques or skills. What you do need is to learn how to take care of yourself and dress properly, to develop certain social skills and to live your life with passion. Note that passion does not have to mean bungee jumping, hand gliding or an Iron Man contender; you can be passionate about everyday things too. Just be yourself around women.

Myths About Women #3: Women Like Machos Who Do Not Show Any Emotion.

It is a common misconception in our society that men should be as badass as Latino film actor Javier Bardem and never cry or show any emotion. Gentlemen, if you think this is the key to getting between the sheets, then we hate to be the one to break it to you, but being hardcore will not make you a man in the eyes of a lady. A real man is confident and knows how to lead a woman and how to make decisions. But a man should also be passionate and capable of showing emotion towards a woman. Just as you like it when your girlfriend gives you a kiss or caresses your face, she also likes to feel the same kindness from you.

Myths About Women #4: Women Do Not like Sex As Much As Men.

Is there anyone who still believes this? Read an issue of Cosmopolitan or watch an episode of Sex and the City, and you will know what’s up. When you’re fighting hard for that tiny little bang (which is supposed to be your orgasm) while your girl has just gone off for the third time in a row, it makes you wonder who really enjoys sex more, right? Whenever you go out, keep this in mind: The girl you are talking to wants to have sex every bit as much as you do. It is just that she needs more time to relax and lose her inhibitions, because society is likely to label a more sexually active girl a ‘whore’. Just provide the circumstances in which she can feel comfortable in your company, and the rest is guaranteed.

Myths About Women #5: Women Do Not Like Porn.

There is an urban legend that women do not like to watch porn. The fact is they do like to watch porn but it is just that they will not admit it. Although women tend to be more attuned to their other senses – such as sounds and smells compared to men – visual triggers are just as important to them. A woman will occasionally watch a porn flick when she is horny, although she will not spend an hour every day searching for sex on Google.

Myths About Women #6: Women need a lot of freedom, and they hate to be controlled.
A woman does need freedom, but at the same time, she likes to be taken care of. Thus, a man who knows how walk that thin line between giving her enough space and making all her decisions for her will be very attractive to a woman. Do not be afraid to show emotion and tenderness when you are with a woman but be careful not to become a wimp and lose control. A woman likes to be controlled by a strong man, to a certain degree, and to keep her, you must find a fine balance between taking control and letting her have her freedom.

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