Make Him Fall In Love

Top 3 Secrets To Make Him Fall In Love

Top 3 Secrets To Make Him Fall In Love

So you have found yourself a nice man. What now? Do you really have any idea how to  make him fall in love and how to keep the fires burning for years? No? Read on for the top three tips!

1. Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

A woman out the manhunt certainly employs tricks to attract the eyes of the opposite sex. A push bra  to emphasize the puppies, high heels for a curvature to the butt, a tigh-fitting outfit to outline the bodyshape and so on. But listen up to the first not-so-mindblowing secret. Men (well, the decent ones anyway) also look for other qualities beyond the physical attributes. Of course they like to be sexually turned on by the woman that they are dating but they also want a one with opinions of her own  to keep his brain ignited as well as his zipper. Oh, and most importantly, someone who is   fun to be around. Let’s face it, looks fade – and they are more than aware of that.Yes, really!

2. Be Genuine
A man will fall hopelessly in love with a self-assured women.  One who makes her own decisions, is confident about her likes and dislikes, has her own style and grace, and do only things that pleases her. Men detest wallflowers and generally prefer women who are themselves and comfortable with who she is.
The most important advice that we can give you is do not change yourself to please your man. Somen women are in the  mistaken belief that by being his idea of a perfect female will snare her man. It will be your undoing. He will suss you out, realise that you are not really the girl he is looking for and will lose his trust and interest for you. Think about it, how unattractive it would be if you were dating someone who turns out to be anything other than he represents.
3. Give Him His Freedom

It’s easy to think that men are desperately clinging onto their independence with a ‘grass is greener’ attitude until some deranged woman drags them up the aisle. Actually, men wanted committed relationships just as much as women. Just give him his freedom to go out with his mates, play footie, get rat-faced (if he so wishes) down the pub and he’ll be thinking of getting back to you even before last orders.

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