Oh, The Things We Lie About On Dating Profiles

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Oh, The Things We Lie About On Dating Profiles Top ten lies told by men: Job Men know that financial reliability is important to women. In fact, the point was proven in a study conducted by AYI.com which found that one out of every two women want to know a man’s employment status on the very first date. Height Short … Read More

Are You Addicted to Love?

addicted to love

Are You Addicted to Love? Have you ever met someone that you had an immediate connection with, jumped into a whirlwind romance only to see it end almost as quickly as it started? You do not understand; you felt that you immediately know what to say and not to say around them, what makes them laugh, and other things. Then … Read More

Are You The Reason Why You Are Single?

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Do you hide your emotional wounds behind a barricade of roadblocks that prevents you from being in a relationship? Are You The Reason Why You Are Single?   When it comes to dating, the first rule is to love yourself first. The rest will come easily. Of all the relationships that you will ever have throughout your life, the most … Read More

Throw A Wine Tasting Singles Party Today!

throw a wine tasting singles party

Easy to set up, invite your friends to bring someone of the opposite sex and throw a wine tasting singles party today! For many of us, purchasing wine is something of a mystery right down to choosing between red or white and our decisions are usually swayed by what our local supermarket has available on special offer. A wine tasting … Read More


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OkCupid is the best and highest rated dating app on earth. We use math to calculate your best matches, making dating simple and fun… and it’s 100% free. • Our algorithm saves you time by ranking your matches based on what you care about. • Send and receive as many messages as you want, without ever needing to pay. • … Read More



Tinder is the fun way to connect with new and interesting people around you. Swipe right to like or left to pass. If someone likes you back, it’s a match! Chat with a match or snap a photo to share a Moment with all of your matches at once. It’s a new way to express yourself and share with friends.

Secrets To A Happy Relationship

Happy Relationship

Secrets To A Happy Relationship Taking two holidays a year, having a meaningful conversation twice a week and cuddling 11 times in a fortnight are key to a happy relationship; it was revealed in a study of 2,000 happily married couples by Headwater Holidays has identified the main ingredients for a successful future together. It shows husband and wife benefit … Read More

Dating Events Guide For Men

Dating Events Guide For Men

 Dating Events Guide For Men Listen up, a lot of deluded gentlemen are of the thinking that dating events are just for IT geeks and the like. In fact, the reality is, in order to survive the dating jungle, a man must have a certain prowess about him to be hunter as he selects and then pounces upon his female … Read More