Would you lie on your online profile? Hell Yeah


Poll: Ladies, would you lie on your online profile? The chances are that, right now, you are fibbing about something on your online dating profile. Who can blame you? In the competitive world of ‘Generation Swipe’ is it possible to stand out from the crowd and find love without a few little white lies? Online dating websites have become increasingly … Read More

What Are Your Dating Deal breakers?

dating dealbreakers

What Are Your Dating Deal breakers? The longer you date and the older you get you will probably be very certain and will have (at the least) a mental list of what you don’t want to deal with in a person you are dating. The ‘don’t want’ lists are dangerous in that you may say you do not want to … Read More

Top 5 Tips How To Succeed In Speed Dating

How To Succeed In Speed Dating

Top 5 Tips How To Succeed In Speed Dating Speed dating no longer has the social stigma status that was attached to it only a few years ago. It makes sense. You meet a whole lot of people, all with the same intent in mind, saving you a lot of time and money. This is how to succeed in speed … Read More

Top 10 Tips To Be A Fabulous First Date

Fabulous First Date

Argh! It’s the first date and no doubt your nerves are kicking in. Worried that you are going to make the wrong move or say something wrong? Of course you do! That is understandable. Secure round two by following these simple rules on a fabulous first date and you will be sorted. Top 10 Tips To Be A Fabulous First … Read More

3 Great Dating Apps Failing To Kick Tinder’s Butt

Dating Apps

Each of the many new dating apps flooding the market, it seems, almost every week, claims to be better than Tinder. The problem for many of them is that they may well be a nice dating app but it is just a shame about the mearge database. Some of these dating apps have the potential to do better than Tinder … Read More

How To Travel As A Single Without Paying Skyhigh Prices

Travel Single

How To Travel As A Single Without Paying Skyhigh Prices Travelling alone can increase your chances of romance but it is also decreases your bank balance. Find the best airfare deals available. There is a lot to be said about being single and traveling alone. You can go exactly where you want, when you want and how you want. It … Read More

Why Do You Not Know What Type Of Relationship You Want?

type of relationship

Why Do You Not Know What Type Of Relationship You Want? There are so many good reasons to find the perfect soulmate to bunk down with for life. For most people, it is important to have a really great relationship in their lives. This relationship needs to be solid as well as meaningful if it is going to help you … Read More



MySingleFriend is one of the UK’s most unique dating sites. Created by TV presenter Sarah Beeny, the site delivers a fun and engaging dating experience because the profiles are written by friends of the user. Why MySingleFriend is different… There’s no cringey profile writing, because we believe that your friends know you best – so they write your profile for … Read More

Do Not Be Bitter About Valentines Day. Hook Up

Valentines Day Bitter

So, it is Valentines Day again. And yes, another reminder that you are still single. You try to ignore it but it is impossible to escape from. The gift shops are full of heart-shaped cards, chocolates and teddy bears. The travel agents have romantic weekend trips to Paris advertised, your attached friends endlessly chat about their plans for the big … Read More

Valentines Day Gifts To Avoid

Valentines Day Gifts

Valentines Day is the perfect time for singletons to let the object of their affections know how they feel about them. Make the right gesture and you are onto a winner but if you send the wrong message, you may find yourself on your lonesome. The choice of the gift should be such that it expresses how you feel so … Read More