Days It Sucks To Be Single

sucks to be single

Christmas Day is soon upon us and before you know it, you’ll be slumped around some relative’s Christmas table wondering why you are not shacked up with some hottie in a romantic log cabin getting your end away. And there’s a few national dates along the way just to emphasize the point that you are achingly single.  Depressing, huh? Well, … Read More

Too Early For Dating Resolutions? Nah…

Dating Resolutions

Why wait until the New Year before you make your dating (or any other) resolutions? Sorry to break it to you but if you wait, you are simply setting up for failure. Harsh? Well, let us look at it on practical terms. Arguably, resolutions fail because there is no sense of urgency. With a whole year ahead to reach the … Read More

Dating Events Are The New Black

Dating Events

Dating Events Are The New Black It’s official, dating events is on the rise and rise. Whilst online dating websites are as popular as ever, with many a success story to be told, it seems that people prefer to meet potential dates in the flesh. From speed dating to singles parties, there is no longer a stigma attached to such … Read More

19 Hot Ways To Meet New People

meet new people

It is another weekend in which you have no real plans. Most of your friends are cosying up with their own partners. How dull. It is time to get proactive. Here some imaginative ways to get yourself out of the house.

 19 Hot Ways To Meet New People Check out what you perceive to be a dodgy ethnic restaurant in … Read More

How To Survive Tinder: Top 10 Tips!


How To Survive Tinder: Top 10 Tips! Fancy a quick hook up? Then Tinder is your dating app! Fancy something a bit more serious? Then tread very carefully. You are walking into a minefield. Don’t take anything at face value and be prepared for what seems to be a relentless pursuit for love. But if you must… 1. Expect less … Read More

Top Dating Books For Players

Top Dating Books For Players

Top Dating Books For Players Players come in all shapes and sizes – and yes, women as well as men! Whatever side of the fence you on, whether you’re a player or prey – here are some books to either get your swag or or recognise when one is headed right at you. The Professional Bachelor: How to Exploit Her … Read More

Top Tips For A Smooth Blind Date

Top Tips For A Smooth Blind Date So you’ve set up that first date and you’re really pleased and excited, but more so you are nervous as hell! All you can think about is your fear of spilling a drink over yourself, getting spinach in your teeth, tripping yourself up in those heels, not being on time to pick her … Read More

50 Questions To Ask At A Dating Event

questions to ask at dating event

50 Questions To Ask At A Dating Event With a limited time to make an impression at a dating event, not only is the way you dress important but also the questions you ask. Let us face it, no one wants to date some one who does not talk, is boring or nervous. What is more, it is the time … Read More

Dating Advice From The Editor of detal Magazine

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d.etal Magazine editor, Asa M. Yoelson, took time out to answer a few questions about the mag and the dating scene. Who is d.etal Magazine aimed at? d.etal Magazine, short for Dating Et Al, is aimed at anyone drowning in ‘Generation Swipe’ a term that refers to all of the singles out there who has to deal with the good, … Read More

How To Play Cupid For Your Friends

d.etal-play cupid

How To Play Cupid For Your Friends If you wish to play cupid for someone you care about, it can be risky business, especially if things do not work out as planned. Define Your Motives Ask yourself why do you want to set the couple up. Do you really think that they would be a good match or are you … Read More