What Does Not Kill You… How To Survive Bad Dates

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Survive Bad Dates

What Does Not Kill You… How To Survive Bad Dates If you have got your dating game going on, chances are that you have experienced the odd bad date. It might be because he or she does not live up to your expectations. On the other hand, it could be they gave you some bold-faced lies as you bonded over … Read More

How To Date A Female Entrepreneur

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How To Date A Female Entrepreneur d.etal events attracts a high breed of guests in a variety of fabulous positions and a high number of entrepreneurs. Men, how do you keep the attention of a female businesswoman? Here’s how. Date an entrepreneur. Date a girl who spends her money on iPads and web apps  instead of trips to the mall. … Read More


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If  you have never been to a dating event before, then here are the top tips to creating a good impression and standing out from the crowd – for the right reasons! DOS AND DON’TS OF DATING EVENTS DO particate in the night’s activities. Your host should inform you of what the evening entails but read up on the general … Read More

Who Does Not Like Flirting?

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Who Does Not Like Flirting? A d.etal Dating Host explains why flirting is the very core of her being. One of the best things about running dating events is being able to accost some unsuspecting handsome/ hot/ buff member of the opposite sex. This week alone saw me hobnobbing with entrepreneurial types at a business networking event to media peeps … Read More

Too Shy To Date?

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Too Shy To Date

Too Shy To Date? If you are single and just dread going on a date, especially that first date because you are extremely shy, there is no reason to feel all alone in the situation. First thing you should probably realize is that the other person is probably just as nervous about the date as you are. This is especially … Read More

How To Be A Legendary Flirt

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How To Be A Legendary Flirt Flirting is much more than just a bit of fun: it is a universal and essential aspect of human interaction. Flirting is a basic instinct, part of human nature.  If we did not express interest in members of the opposite sex, so ends reproduction, and that of the human species. The key to successful … Read More

Singles New Year Love Resolutions

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Singles New Year

Singles New Year Love Resolutions The New Year is soon here and with it comes many opportunities for transformation. Perhaps you’ve decided next year is the year you’ll meet that special someone and begin the relationship you’ve always dreamed of. However, understanding why you want this is as important as learning how to find it. Why You Want To Be … Read More

How To Write A KickAss Online Dating Profile

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Online Dating Profile

Trying to find the man or woman of your dreams through the Virtual World? You need to have a good Online Dating Profile. Here’s How To Write The Perfect Online Dating Profile Some people don’t believe us when we tell them that most problems with not enough responses to your online dating profile can be fixed just by writing a … Read More