Model’s Extreme Makeover After Being Rejected By

Model’s Extreme Makeover After Being Rejected By

Model Tawnie Lynn revealed to INSIDE EDITION that she suffered a humiliating rejection from a website called when they decided that she wasn’t pretty enough to join. The 26-year-old then went under the knife with a breast augmentation and rhinoplasty. recently caused controversy by kicking 3000 people off their website for letting themselves go.

The cull was conducted by of members whose looks they say no longer come up to the “rigorous standards expected” of the “exclusive community” and who now need to look for love elsewhere.

The most often cited reason for members being removed from the site were piling on the pounds and “graceless” ageing.

More than 500 Brits, the second largest nationality, were among those axed.

The people behind the website say they cull has sent a “very clear message” to its good-looking members: “you don’t just need to be beautiful to join; you need to stay that way, or you are out.”

Entry to is only possible after passing a democratic rating process, where members of the opposite sex vote ‘Yes definitely’, ‘Hmm yes, O.K’, ‘Hmm no, not really’ and ‘NO Definitely NOT’ based on photographs and a brief profile submitted by new applicants.

Despite the cull, more than 800,000 members remain on the site, representing 190 countries and almost every ethnic and cultural background.

New applications rose over Christmas and New Year, with a global average of just one in 10 applicants being accepted. The majority of successful new members were from the United States and France.