Ladies, Learn How To Massage Your Man

If your man winces at the very thought of you pummelling his back, check out the eye-watering course Massage My Man by renown expert Colin Richards and learn how to get your beau to be putty in your hands.

This unique half day or evening workshop is 4-5 hours in duration. Says Colin, “I have created it because of the many requests I have received from  my female clients who say that they would love to be able to give a proper sensual massage to their partners.”

He continues: “This Level 1 workshop is the first stage in bringing more intimacy and sensuality into your relationships and lovemaking. Not only will it provide you with real practical skills in erotic arousal, I will also  explain more about the the sexual psychology and physiology of men; and how and why they really enjoy being aroused in this way, sometimes even more than sex itself!”

The event is designed to be informative, sensual and fun and will also include open discussion with the male volunteers when the most pertinent questions about male sexuality and what men like, don’t like and want more can be asked. During the workshop for every 2 ladies their will be a male volunteer to practice on. Each male volunteer is personally vetted for health, body type and attitude.

CoColinlin is the founder, owner and master sensual masseur at Massage33. Colin gives both therapeutic and full body sensual massage to men, women and couples,  he also runs his own Psychosexual & Relationship Mentoring Practice called Intimacy Matters. He has 15 years experience as a professional sensual masseur and 5 years as a Sexual Performance & Relationship Mentor.

 The next event is on 18th March. For more information about Massage My Man, check out Massage 33 website.