Valentine's Day Single Person

How To Get Through Valentine’s Day As A Single Person

How To Get Through Valentine’s Day As A Single Person

1 Do not call your ex

It might be tempting to talk to that one person who knows you so well, but calling him or her is not always the best option. Let us not forget something important, he or she is an ex for a reason, and you do not need drama on Valentine’s Day.

2 Find a new date

There are plenty of other singles who are spending Valentine’s Day alone. Why not take a chance with someone, even if it is just as a friend. It is better than sitting at home alone eating that pint of ice cream is it not?

3 Stop torturing yourself

Who says you need to have a significant other (especially on Valentine’s Day)? If you love yourself, then you can be happy being single, even on holidays.

4 Spend time with others

You are not alone in being single on Valentine’s Day. Many people do not have a boyfriend or girlfriend whilst others may have their significant other away on business or working late. Go out with one of them and have a good time together. Everyone could use a friend on this particular day and getting out will help beat the blues.

5 Do not get bitter about other couples

Just because that couple across the way is all over each other and look lovey-dovey, do not hold it against them. It is not their fault that they are in love and you should be happy for them.

6 Do the usual

Just because the calendar says its Valentine’s Day does not mean that it is not just another day. So what if the special day falls on a Saturday and you do not have a date? Do not let that stop you from taking in your usual Saturday night movie or your dinner outing. It is only a title to the day, and does not have to stop you from enjoying it all the same.

7 Treat yourself

Dying to try that new Thai restaurant in town? Heard about a good live band playing at a local bar? Take yourself down there and have a good time! Enjoy the atmosphere, people watch, and strike up a conversation with another loner on the holiday. Who knows, you might have a lot in common!

8 No hookups

Not only will you most likely regret it in the morning, you do not need to sleep around to have a perfectly amazing Valentine’s Day. It is not all about romance you know. It is for all kinds of love and sleeping around is not love. Besides, no one likes that awkward morning “What’s your name again?”

9 Go out with a friend of the opposite sex on a platonic date

Friends are there for you through thick and thin and even the holidays. They might not have a date, or anything planned, or even anyone to do anything with. So give that single friend a call, grab dinner and a show, and enjoy the love that your friendship brings just from being together.

There is no reason why you cannot get through Valentine’s Day as a single person and stay sane. Good luck!