How To Buy Underwear For Your Boyfriend

How To Buy Underwear For Your Boyfriend

How To Buy Underwear For Your Boyfriend

For women, buying underwear for their man, may be based on a desperate need rather than a luxury. Men generally hate buying their own underwear and some will happily wear one pair of briefs for as long as possible without changing.

Single men tend to whiz into big department stores, grabbing the three-pack underwear that are dyed in the dullest colours, hoping that the lady at the checkout counter is not young and pretty. When they get a girlfriend, the task is almost immediately delegated quickly to her. After all, she is the only one who sees. But what lies beneath is very important to women.

Buying underwear for your partner can be a potential minefield. Here is our guide to getting him some of the good stuff, and getting it right. How To Buy Underwear For Your Boyfriend:

Some men do not care about the type of underwear they are wearing, so shopping for your partner may be difficult. You may want to start by asking him which kind he prefers, as there are different types to suit all tastes and needs.

In many cases, it depends on where they are going and what they will be doing that determines the type of underwear they will choose. Most men wear standard briefs when they go to work or when they are at the gym. But other men like to wear boxer shorts, which they claim are more comfortable.

Boxer briefs are a combination of briefs and boxer shorts. They are longer than regular briefs, but are fitted so men feel more comfortable. Underwear like this comes in many different colours and materials. You may want to buy the man in your life silk boxer briefs, which make a great gift for men who care about what they wear underneath their clothing.

Men’s underwear is available in many fabrics including cotton, silk, nylon, and flannel. Depending on the time of year that they are going to be worn, most men like underwear that is thin and does not bunch up when they walk. Since the undies will have to be worn under pants, bulky briefs do not look attractive and are not the easiest to move around in. Seek materials that are light.

If you want to buy a gift that is a little more racy, you may want to buy a man’s thong. While most men will not wear this underwear to work, they will want to wear it while on vacation or when they are at home. Thongs are available in many colours and fabrics. They can be bought online or at men’s clothing stores. Men’s G-strings are also available.

So, now that you have purchased the goods, how do you make the switch if your partner is somewhat attached to his tried and tested collection? The fastest way to get rid of the offending is to use the direct approach. Dump the underwear in the trash on a garbage day. You really do not want him rummaging in the rubbish bins looking for them while cursing at you.

Make sure his new underwear is placed exactly where the old ones would have been. If the colours match, the change in underwear type might even go unnoticed for a few days if you are lucky. When your man asks where his favourite underwear has disappeared to, you can choose whether or not you want to tell him the truth or a little white lie to save his feelings. It is easy to say that the washing machine chewed them up.

Alternatively, say nothing and head straight for the cliché – tell him how sexy he will look in his new underwear and then jump his bones.

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