Here’s the Top 10 Tips On What Not To Do At A Dating Event!

What Not To Do At A Dating Event

Here’s the Top 10 Tips On What Not To Do At A Dating Event!

So now that you have been proactive enough to book a ticket for a dating event,  you can sit back and chill out in the belief that you’re about to meet the man or woman of your dreams. Simply turn up on the night and job done, right? Wrong!

Standing in the corner looking like a deer caught in headlights is not going to bag you the hottie. If you are in a room of single people at a dating event and you come away from the evening without speaking to a single person, aside from any interactive games that may have been laid on, then you have no-one but yourself to blame. Yes, really!


… Stand Around Like A Lemon

Be proactive. You are in a room full of single people. Everyone has the same thing in mind, to meet new people and perhaps meet ‘the one.’ If you have your eye on someone, take the bull by the horns and talk to them. There is no shame in introducing yourself to a complete stranger at a dating event.

… Hang around With Your Mates

Let’s assume that you have no intention in dating your mates. Again, let’s assume you will be able to catch up with them on the latest gossip after the event. So what are you hanging around with them for? If there are any interactive games, ditch your friends and get stuck in and meet as many people as you can.

… Arrive Late

The Early Bird… and all that. Guests at singles events have come with an agenda – to meet other people and will be doing so from the moment they walk through the door. Arrive fashionably late and find yourself on the outside, looking on in  at the cozy couples who have already hooked up.

… Forget To Ask The Name Of The Person That You Are Interested In

There’s no point contacting the host, the following day, begging for the contact details of your desired date with no further information than an acute description of what they were wearing/ where they work/ they like walking in the rain…

… Be Backwards In Coming Forwards In Securing A Date/ Telephone Number etc..

Time is of the esscence. Competition is a mere few feet away from you. What are you hanging back for? Bag and tag as quickly as possible.

… Be Shy In Asking The Host For A Hook Up

Hosts love nothing better than seeing couples hook up. Their egos go sky eye when they feel that they have done their cupid bit. If you are too shy to talk to that hottie, make a beeline for the host and whisper in her ear for an introduction.

… Hang Around In The Smoking Area

Want to spend the rest of your life married to a pack of fags? Then go right ahead. Prefer to watch strangers walk by rather than the single hotties in the room that you have left behind? Then you are on a roll!

…Watch The Football

Managed to locate and are now glued to a television set showing whatever important not-to-be-missed football match? Pah! You may as well have gone to the pub with your mates.

 … Shun The Not-So-Hottie

It is important for you to make friends as much as it is to secure potential dates. Before you turn your nose up as some guy or girl who approaches you, just because they do not fit your sterotype of the perfect partner, give them a chance. A mere five minutes of your life could not only change your initial thoughts about that person, but if you really do not fancy them, they might have a hot friend lurking in the wings.

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