Geek Golden-Age: Women Think Techies Are Sexy


Geek Golden-Age: Women Think Techies Are Sexy

A couple of years ago, a poll of 2,500 women revealed that their secret turn-ons included geeks that came second only to facial stubble (yes, really), a man who loves to read and specs! Another study, of 3,000 women, found that the majority of women preferred a man who was handy with gadgets to a man who spent hours pumping iron.

d.etal Singles Event host and self-confessed jock-lover, Bunny, admits that she likes a six-pack and a pretty face but when it comes down to it, if he can only string a monosyllabic sentence together, she would rather  gracefully accept a life of spinsterhood.

She states: “My attraction to geeks stems from greatly respecting a man who hasn’t the ego to hide his interests in things which aren’t recognised as ‘cool’ by our ever judgemental society. The absence of ego translates to a more genuine interaction, and being able to view his sensitivity unabated.”

Yes, folks – it is the Geek Golden-Age. Hot women are abandoning strong, macho alpha-male types in favour of nerds. She goes onto say, “A ‘Sapiosexual’ is someone who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature. Intelligence, sensitivity and passion make for a powerful aphrodisiac.” If you are a bona fide geek, it’s time to step out of the basement and scoop up.

Here’s why Women Think Techies Are Sexy

Geeks Are Gentlemen

Geeks would be the first to admit that they lack game. After a date, if a woman invites one up for coffee, he would actually believe that they are going to drink coffee. Women are wise to the adorable innocent traits of  nerds which are generally honest and respectful. And incapable of being a player.

Geeks Are Better In Bed

Yup, who would have thought? It is not exactly scientific and, if you want to believe anything that the UK newspaper  The Sun has to say, a survey of of 2,000 British nationals revealed that IT people are the most adventurous lovers. The survey found that 82 percent of IT geeks interviewed said that their partners’ pleasure was the most important thing to them. Yes, Yes, Yessssssss…!

Geeks Are Passionate & Loyal

Whether it is Dungeon & Dragons or the molecular blah blah, nerds are passionate about something. It shows that when they care deeply about something, they are willing to dedicate themselves completely to it. Women have sussed out that a man who is passionate about the things that interest him, he is likely to be the same in a relationship.

Geeks Are Useful

A recent survey by the computer service the Geek Squad revealed that more than half of women want a man who has  technology know-how. What woman doesn’t want a man who can fix her computer so she can shop online for the weekend or recommend the latest app for her iphone?

Geeks Are Intelligent

Informative, helpful, and often witty are engaging conversationalist. Being able to have a knowledgeable conversation with a partner is a charismatic draw even if their partners might get lost in a sea of superfluous words.

Geeks Could Be The Next App Millionaire

Imagine a world without Facebook, emails or the Pop Up Speeddating Dating Tips blog. Then you you have a world without nerds. And with the increase in the geek population, technology is only getting better. There’s an IT guy around every corner who could be the next app millionaire. Now, we are not suggesting materialistic gain as the reason for women hooking up with chic geeks, quite simply, there is nothing sexier than a man ruling the world.

Geeks Know Who They Are

He is not afraid to follow his heart. The geek is dedicated and open about his interests, despite facing rejection from society. This shows he is a free-thinker who is willing to be who he really is – and to love the woman he wants, as she is.