If  you have never been to a dating event before, then here are the top tips to creating a good impression and standing out from the crowd – for the right reasons!


DO particate in the night’s activities. Your host should inform you of what the evening entails but read up on the general format.

…DON’T misunderstand what dating events are and talk to everyone at 50 mph in an misguided attempt to give them your lifestory. That is not even possible, but it does not stop people from trying.

DO try to be unique at dating events. Standing out in the minds of the other guests will increase your chances. To hurry things along, you should start the conversation with an original question that legitimately interests you.

DON’T get into an argument with someone who likes the idea of Donald Trump as the U.S.president when you prefer Kanye West. You get the idea…

DO be mindful of the times

DON’T forget it’s a marathon, not a race, so try to consistently talk to the one person for a short while, before moving on.

DO be prepared to talk about yourself. If you tend to be shy or nervous, prepare an “About Me” introduction, where you can tell the other person who you are, what you do an some of your interests.

DON’T forget to learn the other person’s name. Helps if you like them and would like to tell your host that you would like to meet them again.

DO be kind and open-minded. They may not be Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt but neither do you…

DON’T go with preconceived notions and expectations. It’s  a dating event, after all. Clearly something went wrong for everyone involved.

DO try to look your best. It doesn’t hurt to freshen up before your arrival after a sweaty day at the office.

DON’T judge the other person by appearances alone.

DO try to act genuinely interested in the person you’re talking to, regardless of how boring they are, and refrain from rolling your eyes, yawning or checking out the hottie across the room.

DON’T talk about your exes, your miserable love life, or anything else that could embarrass or frighten the other person.

DO have a good time.

DON’T worry about whether your night was a “success” or not. If you were not successful on the night, remember that there are plenty of fish in the sea!

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