Days It Sucks To Be Single

sucks to be single

Christmas Day is soon upon us and before you know it, you’ll be slumped around some relative’s Christmas table wondering why you are not shacked up with some hottie in a romantic log cabin getting your end away. And there’s a few national dates along the way just to emphasize the point that you are achingly single.  Depressing, huh? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Use these unavoidable milestones as deadlines to meet that special someone.

Days It Sucks To Be Single

It Sucks To Be Single On Christmas Day

There you are at noisy dinner table, ignoring Grandpa’s burps and your mother getting pie-eyed  whilst you are chewing on a piece of dry turkey debating whether to swallow or discreetly excrete into a napkin. Hush suddenly descends upon the table when your smug newly-wed sister / cousin/ great-aunt has just asked you the immortal words: “Are you seeing anyone?” You decide it’s easier to die a slow death by choking on the wretched piece of meat. You swallow…

It Sucks To Be Single OnNew Year’s Eve
This is the one day of the year that you will notice smug couples just about everywhere.
It Sucks To Be Single On Valentine’s Day
Undoubtably, this is the worse day to hate being single. Being single on the love-filled event can be a challenge for many. Some go so far as to avoid the day altogether.   Have you ever considered that this is actually the best day to hook up? That’s right, there’s other singles out there who want a bitch of action just like you do! Find yourself a singles party and hop to it!

It Sucks To Be Single On The First Day Of AutumnIt’s really letting us know that winter is on its way. Winter is cold. Cold is bad. When you’re sick, who’s going to mope your brow? When the frost sets in who are you going to cuddle up to either in bed at night or on the sofa on a Sunday when tv classic Columbo is kicking in? Enough said

It Sucks To Be Single On Action Plan

Decide which of the national holidays will be your deadline to find your perfect partner then list an action plan of the things you will do and when you achieve to that. Yes, really – just like a business plan.  Start with online dating and local singles events to get you going. So You’ve Missed Your Deadline? Do not fret! Simply, revise your dating plan and keep going!