Dating Red Flags: Run For The Hills If…

Dating Red Flags

Dating Red Flags: Run For The Hills If…

Think you have bagged yourself a hottie? Great huh? Now hold on a minute… You are only a few dates in and there are already some nagging doubts beginning to creep in but you cannot yet put your finger on it. Here’s an awesome dating red flags checklist. After all, we know that all that glitters is not gold.

1. He/She talks about the ex.

If you are on a date and the ex is spoken of fondly, he/ she is not over his or her ex. If your date speaks of the ex negatively, then he or she has no class. Either way,  they are definitely not over their former partner. In both instances, your date lacks respect for you because it is your date. Worse still if…

2. He or she tells you that their ex-partners are all crazy.

The chances are that their behaviour towards them drove them to act a little deranged and  the person sitting opposite you is, in fact, addicted to high drama themselves.

3. If he or she takes too long to respond.

Whether it is to your voicemail, text, email or any other form of communication, there are obviously going to be times when he or she will be unable to send an immediate response back to you but any longer than a day, with regularity, means that they have little interest in dating you seriously or that you are on hold until something better comes along and in the meantime, you will do as a booty call.

4. Asking you out or confirming a pencilled-in date at the last minute.

Nothing better came along.

5. Too full-on, too soon.

It is all too easy to get swept away by the adoration of a new hot admirer but deep, deep down inside, you know that something is amiss. Hop on board the crazy train and expect to crash and burn.

6. Social Media Hijack

They have already requested you as friends on Facebook, Twitter and your Blackberry IM and you have not even got to the end of the first date.

7. He or she turns hot and cold.

Then hot and cold, again. And so on. Baby, they just aren’t into you.

8. Jekyll & Hyde personality.

‘What happened to the sane, attractive individual that you first met?’, you might ask yourself after only a couple of dates.  Well, everyone is on their best behaviour during the exciting courting ritual, aren’t they? But rest assured, any facade that exists will soon slip revealing a tiresome player/ nutter/ pot-smoking lounger [fill in here] etc.. Don’t get hooked by what was. Move on.

9. They immediately put their emotional baggage on the table.

Chances are that they have not resolved any of those issues. Stay and you will become a dial-up-date-counsellor and enjoy the delights of a predictable fall out.

10. Their relationship with their kid is little more than a pay check.

Worse still if money isn’t even exchanging hands.

One extra:

11. You are being measured by your paycheck.
You are telling them about your job and they appear to be visibly working out your income.

Are you dating someone with one of more red flags? What the hell are you waiting for? Ditch the zero and find yourself a hero at the next Pop Up Speeddating) event.