Dating Events

Dating Events Are The New Black

Dating Events Are The New Black

It’s official, dating events is on the rise and rise. Whilst online dating websites are as popular as ever, with many a success story to be told, it seems that people prefer to meet potential dates in the flesh.

From speed dating to singles parties, there is no longer a stigma attached to such affairs. In fact, dating events are oh-so-damn trendy!

So, why the sudden surge in popularity?

First impression counts! The great thing about being in a room full of singles is that you can decide within moments whether you are attracted to someone and then spend a relatively short time finding out whether or not you have the same interests and values. A far better advantage than spending weeks getting to know someone online, only to be disappointed when they turn out to be shorter, fatter, uglier (yes, we went there) than you thought! Not to mention that dating events can be a lot of fun!

What Do The Experts Say?

“I am duty bound to keep the secrets of all our guests, but let’s just say that we have had some very happy customers whether they have found a partner or simply made some new friends. And of course, a fun night out! We have certainly noticed a surge in attendees particularly with the party season coming up. ” says a Pop Up Dating Host.

Relationship jounralist, Tanisha Amos of the Examiner agrees with the growing trend: “Instead of relying on the traditional dating approach and subscribing to online dating services, singles are quickly registering for speed dating events to explore an exciting, trendy way to meet local singles. ”

Many people spent a lot of The Noughties chasing the pound, and now, with the recession, it has allowed – or even forced – them to rethink what is really important in their lives. Emotional nourishment and replaced materalistic goals.

So how do you know which event is right for you?

We find that singles events particulary popular with executives who perhaps spend to much time in the office and not enough time taking care of their love lifes. Less alpha types are more suited to speed dating events.

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