Why The Cougar Love Cubs

8 Reasons Why The Cougar Love Cubs

Older women have always liked younger men. Now that society finds it more acceptable, she will be likely to pursue a natural interest in a younger man without worrying about the social stigma. So, the question is:

8 Reasons Why The Cougar Love Cubs

1. Bedroom Stamina

Stronger, leaner and faster – the cougar perceives younger men to be better in bed than men her of own age or older. Younger men have more energy and stamina.

2. Eye Candy

Who does not want something pretty hanging from their arm? Younger men generally have firmer and more attractive bodies. Younger men tend to be in tune with their inner ‘metrosexual’ which cougars can appreciate. A metrosexual is a single heterosexual man who lives in a city and who has a strong concern for his appearance. This is not always the case with the older gentlemen.

3. It’s Biological

A woman reaches her sexual peak in her late 30’s and remains very sexual in her 40’s and even early 50’s. Men, on the other hand, peak sexually at the age of 19 years old. Men in their 20’s are much more sexually in tune with older women than the women’s peers are.

4. A Mothering Instinct

The cougar may also have a mothering instinct. She may actually be glad if her cub is just beginning to build a career. A cougar may believe that a younger man will look up to her as the worldly, experienced woman that she is. It may make her feel good to pick up the cheque, give career advice or mentor him.

5. Older Men Are Threatened By Her Success

A cougar may find that men her own age or older are not likely to accept her successes, naturally. Most cougars are managers or small business owners – maybe more. This threatens many of the men in their peer group who are more likely to see the ideal woman as a homemaker and not overshadowing them.

6. The Wrinkles Are Appearing

A concern for her own appearance may be one of the motivating factors in a cougar picking up a younger man. As a woman ages, she becomes less confident about her own attractiveness. Being able to attract a younger man is a way that lets her know that she has still ‘got it’.

7. Making Up For Lost Time

A woman could have been a cougar all of her life or she may be a late bloomer. If she was fairly sexually repressed in her 20s, she may feel that she is catching up on lost time by dating a younger guy.

8. It Just Happened. Go, figure!

A woman might not have set out to date a younger man, she just found herself attracted to a specific guy who happened to be younger.

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Photo: Daniele Zedda