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9 Hot Tips to Impress Women At A Singles Event

9 Hot Tips to Impress Women At A Singles Event

Singles events are one of the hottest trends in today’s social scene and there is no longer the stereotypical stigma once attached to it. What’s not to like? You get to chill out over a pint or two, for a couple of hours, with members of the opposite sex and you all have the same thing in mind.

With the high octane lives of professional men and women who do not have the time to dedicate as much as they would like to their dating lives, it makes sense. Pop Up Speeddating is somewhat smug by the quality of attractive successful women (and men!) who attend our events so it is crucial that you beat the competition and make the right impression on your potential dates. Here are a few tips to go leave the evening with a fistful of telephone numbers

The Threads

Do we have to address the matter of personal hygiene? No? Then let’s move swiftly onto clothes. It’s pretty simple, dress in smart casuals (no, not faded jeans and a old greying t-shirt). The point is to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons so keep away from fluorescent colours and overt patterns. If you are coming straight from the office, then no fear, there’s nothing better that a woman likes than a man in a suit. Well, as long as it’s not shiny!

Be Flirty – But Not Slimey

Singles events are the one place that you can bring on your charms, safe in the knowledge that the girl you are chatting up does not have a bloke at home, so go for it. Smile, hold eye contact (without staring manically) and get in close without invading her personal space. The odd light touch on the arm is acceptable but a big no-no to rubbing, stroking or groping!

No Sexy Talk

There are strict etiquette rules for every social situation and never more so than a dating event. First impressions count and if the hottie in the red tight dress only remembers your obvious desire to get her into bed as quickly as possible then two things are going to happen. She is either going to turn her attention to the seemingly more genuine bloke (who, at the very least, is keeping his sexual intentions under his hat) or you are going to go home that night with a serial-dating ‘Ho. The choice is yours.

Lay Off The Boozing

Ah, there’s nothing better to calm the nerves than a stiff drink – and certainly Pop Up Speeddating encourages a little confidence booster or two – but don’t forget your end game. If a fun night out, random flirting and an almighty hangover is what you seek, then go for it. Looking for a long-term love? She’s probably not going to go for the guy throwing up in the bushes outside.

Aim & Fire!

If you are at a singles party, do not stand on ceremony if you spot a girl who floats your boat. Get over there and chat her up! What else are you there for? What do you think she’s hoping for? If she turns down your advances, hastily make your excuses, do an about turn, survey the bevy of beauties you are surrounded by and re-aim!

Remember The Name!

At Pop Up Speeddating, we cannot tell you how many times we get emails from guys, after a speeddating event, describing some girl who works somewhere and lives in such-and-such and he expects us to be able to magically conjure up her name. It is not always possible, despite our best efforts.

Quantity is As Important As Quality

So, you are immersed in a room full of gorgeous women and you don’t know where to turn first. Pop Up Speeddating suggests you hit the closest one to you. Indulge in a little light chat to see whether the chemistry is there and if so, take her contact details at your earliest opportunity within reason. Don’t worry whether or not this act will not make you look desperate. It won’t. Remember, this is a singles event. Not only will she be flattered, but if you think she is hot, chances are that every other bloke in the room has got their beady eye on her.  Get in there first, and once you’ve bagged and tagged, make a polite withdrawal and proceed to the next woman. It’s the rules of the game. No-one will be offended.

At The Night Draws To A Close

Decided who your favourite girl of the night is? Swing right back over to her. Make it clear that she is the one that caught your eye the most and tell her that you will be in touch and hope that you will go out on a date with her. You will be the last man that she’ll be thinking about as she leaves the party. Simple but clever, huh?

Have Fun

Singles events are not mammoth interview sessions. It is suppose to be fun. Or at least that’s Pop Up Speeddating’s motto. The more fun you have, the more attractive you become in the eyes of all and babes will flock to you like a magnet. If you are attending on your own, hook up with another single man in attendance and become each’s other’s wingman. And you may have just met your new best friend to boot!

Follow Up But Don’t Become A Stalker

Pop Up Speeddating has a ridiculously high matching rate (mainly because the women are so hot – we kid you not!) so make the most of a speeddating event by letting us know, at your earliest opportunity, if there are ladies you would like to see again. If you have attended a singles events, and acquired the digits yourself, do not go down the ill-advised 3-day waiting game. It is lame, may give the impression that you are not really interested and someone else might beat you to the post. Let your contact know that you want to meet up, and keep it short, friendly and casual. If they do not respond within a day, do not send reminders or pleas. These professional ladies might be actually busy and nothing is so annoying as a man who seems to anxious.