Getting Dumped

7 Hardcore Signs You’re Getting Dumped

7 Hardcore Signs You’re Getting Dumped

Some people are complete cowards when it comes to admitting to their partners that their relationships are at an end. Others are callously looking around whilst you keep their bed warm at night. Don’t be a doormat or waste your time with the heartless individual. Spot:

1. Never Answers His/ Her Phone

At the top of the list as the one clear sign that a guy or girl is blowing you off and that a lot of people actually overlook is when he or she never answers his or her phone. If you are having a love affair with their voicemail, it’s time to quit!

2. If S/He Calls Back, It Takes over 24 Hours

By the time that he or she has called back, you have probably worked your way into such a state that you are just grateful that they have called you. Mmm… Ask yourself what is their normal pattern of behaviour to get back to you. If it is not what you are used to,  you should be spitting bullets and spraying it in their direction.

3. Too Busy to Go Out with You

If someone really likes you, he or she will make time for you and make sure that they get in touch with you with plently of notice before you meet. You should never be waiting on a guy  or a girl or worse still when they…

4. Never Confirms Plans

Fancy being the back up plan if your boyfriend or girlfriend’s other plans do  not work out? Yes? Then,   maybe it’s time to check in with your self-esteem.

5. Does Not Want To Be in a Relationship

Or more accurately, he or she does not want to be in a relationship with you. Think about it, it simply translates to meaning that you are a stop gap until something better comes along. Kick he/she to the kerb before they do it to you. Because they will.

6. Talks about Other Men/ Women All The Time

Rude. And insulting. Are you not man or woman enough for them not to cast their hungry eyes over other people? No?  It is clear that they are on the hunt and you are no longer prey. See-yah…

7. S/He Leaves You Wondering

You’re wondering whether they are ever going to call you back. Wondering whether you are still meeting up tonight. Wondering whether or not they have a tiny bit of respect for you an your time. Yup, you’re generally wondering. Have you not considered ‘wondering’ out of the door?

Feel like you’re  Getting Dumped? Get out and get back on the saddle with someone who will aprreciate you!