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Increase Your Chances For Live Matchmaking At Our Events

Fancy a mini-date with a fellow guest that we have secretly handpicked for you at your booked event? Then listen up! We have set up many a happy couple with great success! Whilst, we cannot guarentee that you will be picked for Live Matchmaking at your event, you can certainly increase your chances by some simple steps!

Increase Your Chances For Live Matchmaking At Our Events!

What does the Live Matchmaking involve?
When you have booked your ticket, the Pop Up Speed Dating team gets to work, behind the scenes, by checking you out to see whether or not we have your perfect match.

You will be informed if you are to take part in the Live Matchmaking by:

  • Announcements during the event or
  • You will be informed by a Pop Up Speed Dating host during the event.

Increase your chances of taking part in Live Matchmaking Now!

There are four different ways that increase your chances of being selected for Live Matchmaking at the Pop Up Speed dating event that you have booked.

1. Fill out a registration form for the free Live Matchmaking Service

2. Like Pop Up Speed Dating Facebook so that we can see what you look like!

3. You are a regular guest of Pop Up Speed dating. It’s simple – we’ve met you, liked you, found out a bit about you and what you are looking for.

4. You have dazzled us at the event registration, and you are randomly picked because we have spotted someone or know of the perfect match for you.

So, you know what to do! What are you waiting for?

Book A Matchmaking Event Now!

Delicious Pop Up Speed Daters To Make You Drool!

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