Are You A Heart Or Head Dater?

Are You A Heart Or Head Dater?

Every one of us, at some point in our lives, have come to a crossroad where we had to make a love decision and choose between two courses of action. One path is likely to be ruled by the heart, and the other by the head. Chances are that you are going to opt for your heart’s desire. But what feels good is not always good for you.  So, when is comes to dating, should you follow your head or your heart?

The Heart Dater

You know that saying that ‘love is blind’? Well, this is it folks. There is no logic to the ‘heart’ path. This is when you fall in love with someone that you know damn well that you should not! The red flags are right there but you, my friend, choose to ignore them. Lust and chemistry takes over all sanity and you find yourself doing things for love that you know is not in your best interests.

Maybe you are a young woman who has fallen for a married man? Or a man who detests kids but finds himself in the arms of a hot single mother of five? Or maybe you are a business woman with high life expectations and the allure of the struggling artist has pushed you off course? Let’s face it, every action, good or bad has a consequence. But, right now you do not give a hoot. This person makes your heart race. You cannot start thinking about him or her. And the sex is oh-so-good…

The Head Dater

Not as romantic as following the heart when it comes to love, but the ‘head’ path is certainly more practical. Chances are, relationship decisions, based on logic, are likely to be more successful. But there are always the downsides to everything. The right decision, is not always… um, the right decision. What if you chose to be with someone because he or she can help you raise your kids but you simply do not fancy them? Or that you decide to stay with someone to save face/ prevent an ugly fall-out/ keep yourself in the luxury you have grown accustomed to – when you have actually fallen for someone else?

Making The Right Decision

Follow your heart. But, keep your eyes and ears open. Have faith in those burning feelings deep down inside but remain cautious. Most importantly, do not ignore any red flags! If you find yourself in an endless cycle of heart decisions only to find yourself single over and over again, why not enlist some professional help.